Further computations by Aerodynamik Consult GmbH reveal significant load reductions for wind turbines with tubercle technology

As already anticipated in advance of the completed calculations with regard to the expected load reductions through the use of TEG’s tubercle technology, computations by Aerodynamik Consult GmbH confirm a significant reduction in loads on rotor blades and the entire drive train through to the tower. The results are so compelling that one can even speak of a potential technological paradigm shift through the use of the patented tubercle technology.

The results demonstrate that loads are reduced to such an extent that a prolonging of the service life of rotor blades by up to 100%, and by up to 30% for metal components, can be expected. These effects play an especially significant role in the use of increasingly larger rotor blades and greater wind turbine output capabilities. Further practical tests on a wind turbine retrofitted with the TEG technology are planned for the second half of 2016 to confirm these results.