First order for retrofitting rotor blades with tubercle technology

After two years of development with subsequent wind tunnel tests, TEG has achieved a key milestone. The wind tunnel tests have now confirmed the effectiveness of tubercles on wind turbine rotor blades as well. These impressive results with regards to reducing noise and stress loads have now also convinced TEG’s first customers.

TEG has been commissioned by Thermo Plus GmbH, a subsidiary of municipal utility Stadtwerke Duisburg, to retrofit a 2 MW wind turbine situated in Grevenbroich with the new technology.

It is anticipated that this project will achieve significant improvements in noise (-2 dB) and fatigue loads (minus 8 %). The envisaged optimisations were achieved in the wind tunnel without an increase in resistance coefficients, which would have otherwise diminished the yield during later operation of the wind turbines.

Retrofitting of the wind turbine and the accompanying measurements will take place in the wind testing system operated by Windtest Grevenbroich GmbH, which will guarantee the high quality of the measurements. Another special aspect is the use of a LIDAR measuring system, which will analyse the flow-off behaviour of the retrofitted wind turbine. TEG also expects to achieve enhanced flow-off behaviour through the use of the new tubercle technology.

TEG is already negotiating more wind turbine retrofit orders with strategic customers. Alongside the reduction in noise emissions, the use of this innovative tubercle technology also focuses on extending the service life of wind turbines and a reduction in load-induced damage.