CFD+engineering is a service provider that focuses on highly specialised flow simulation computations. The company offers a broad range of single-source CFD solutions. We are one of the leading firms for applying the open source CFD tool OpenFOAM (registered trademark of the OpenFOAM Foundation). For our customers this means expert advice, qualified project management, as well as the reliable implementation of specialised customer requirements. CFD+engineering regards itself as a long-term consultant and partner for its customers. Our motto: “We provide solutions for your flow simulation problems – and not just colourful pictures”. Our expertise extends far beyond pure flow simulation services – we advise on the correct analytical approach and practical improvements to the product.

Complex calculations of the effects of wind and temperature

O.F.Wind is an OpenFOAM-based tool for site assessment CFD. Due to its exceedingly powerful open source core, it incorporates a number of technical features that make it stand out from other products. O.F.Wind is capable of performing time-dependent calculations, has an outstanding parallel-processing architecture for quickly handling even extremely complex wind calculations, and it can also take the effects of temperature into account. Furthermore, in contrast to “classical codes” based on simplified physics, it is a very robust application that enables these complex CFD calculations to be fully automated.