Start-up with experience

Founded in autumn 2013, the technology start-up TEG was equipped from the outset with a wealth of know-how. TEG builds on partnerships and sustainability, and on investors who believe totally, just as we do, in the success of our developments.

With our shareholders Achim Fischer from IB Fischer CFD + engineering and Stefan Kleinhansl from Aero Dynamik Consult, TEG has succeeded in enlisting the services of experts in flow simulation, wind turbines and rotor blades. Founder Bernhard Gubo rounds off the expertise with his 12 years’ experience as a managing director in the wind power sector.

Additionally, Niels Immerkjaer, a well-connected expert who has been working in the wind industry for many years, could be convinced about the new tubercle technology and engaged as a consultant for a long-term strategic collaboration. One of his priorities at TEG will be to establish distribution structures in Germany and Scandinavia. His contacts to almost every wind power operator in these countries and to wind turbine manufacturers will be immensely useful in accomplishing a fast market penetration.

Achieved milestones

  • Confirmation of the technology and its potential in a study conducted by Fraunhofer IWES and calculations from IB Fischer and ADC
  • Verification of the company’s objectives (e.g. economic viability of the product, USP, competitive analysis)
  • Proof of product (wind power, shipping)
  • Wind tunnel test was completed at the beginning of September 2016
  • Contracts concluded with established market players:
    • Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V./German Aerospace Center (DLR), Cologne
    • Intermartec GmbH (Elsfleth shipyard), Elsfleth

Next milestones

  • First test system will be fitted in 2018
  • Acquisition of further strategic partners